All dirt is not created equal. The type of dirt you need will depend upon what you are using it for. For example, if you are compacting a deep void such as a swimming pool you will want to have dirt that contains NO organic materials such as roots and leaves. These organics do not compact and will decompose leaving a void and settling in the future. If you are looking for dirt for your garden you will want more organic materials to provide nourishment for your plants.
By making a requirement that ALL those who either need a dumpsite or need soil to create a listing we make a much more robust database that in-turn is far more useful to all.
You can either google “Trucking company” and call some folks or email ryan@dirtmatch.com and he will try to find you a trucker. Let us know if you need a tractor and operator as well and we can try to track that down for you.
It is up to you and the supplier to have the soil tested or decide whether there is a chance of contamination. Generally, there is a higher chance of contamination in soil that comes from commercial sites. Dirt Match assumes no liability for the quality or contamination level of the soil. We simply match up users, the transaction is between you.
Your address will never be shared with anyone unless you authorize it. Once you come to an agreement with a supplier of soil you will be prompted by Dirt Match to share your address.
Depending upon the scope of your project a permit may be required. It is best to contact your local building or grading department to find out.