Let’s answer your Dirt Match questions.

General questions

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DirtMatch is an easy solution to connect those who have dirt to those who need dirt. Simply post your needs on DirtMatch.com and we’ll match you with other posts in your area. It’s that simple.

Once you have found a connection, you can message your match through our internal messaging system, as long as you are a member. If you have not yet registered as a member, you will need to first join HERE.

No, post early and post often. It’s important that you keep all of your posts up to date and that you list upcoming projects to increase your chances of getting matches.

Currently DirtMatch.com is a free service. At the moment we are more concerned with creating value for all DirtMatch members.

Yes, you can set the date of your upcoming project so others can coordinate their project with yours.

It is entirely up to you to do your diligence prior to receiving your dirt. We HIGHLY recommend visiting the site that your dirt is coming from and if you have any suspicion at all that the dirt may be contaminated you should have it tested by a professional. DirtMatch.com makes no representations regarding the quality of soil and only functions to connect two parties. Read our Terms of Service HERE.

There are a few ways you can look for your match. The quickest is to search or browse the posts on the home page. This will give you a general sense of what’s available in your area. The best way is to post a listing for yourself by clicking "Create Post" and enter the information that matches your needs. If we have a match, it will show up immediately on your "My Posts" page. However, we will continue to search as new posts arrive and add them to your matches on your "My Posts" page.

Simply register for a free account and submit a post of your own that matches what you are looking for. Your matches will be found right away and show up in your "My Posts" page.

If you are not registered, go to our home page and click the "I have dirt" or "I need dirt" button, depending on your needs. Follow the prompts to make your first post. If you are already registered, login to your account and click the "Create Post" link in the top menu and follow the prompts to make your post.

DirtMatch is for anyone. Contractors, professionals, haulers, and homeowners. Just post your need or want and look out for your matches.

As a member, you can coordinate directly with your matches. Many members have the ability to deliver and will indicate that in their post, sometimes even for FREE! DirtMatch connects you and then leaves it up to you to decide.